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Philosophy & Purpose

The educational philosophy of Mt. Pleasant Christian School is three-fold:
  1. Christian education starts at home. Our goal is to work with parents to lead children to a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and to discipline them in their Christian walk.
  2. All truth is God-given and needs to be taught from God’s perspective. He is Creator, Savior, and Lord. We seek to relate God and His word to all areas in academics and daily life.
  3. The school administration, staff, and students should seek to further God’s kingdom and to be a witness of God’s love in the community
To apply to Mount Pleasant Christian School, please fill out the following form. Then click here to pay the $100 Application Fee. You can also drop off payment at the school if you so choose. Any additional students in a family are $25 each. For each student, please include a copy of their most recent report card which you can upload at the end of the application.